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The Peacock was one day striding along very proud of his beautiful feathers. As he went by all the animals, they bowed down to him. And so went with all the animals, except one. As the Peacock passed by the Fox, he noticed the Fox did not bow down to him. The Peacock cleared his throat: "aham!"
The Fox, who although was not better looking than the Peacock, was very smart pretended not to hear anything.
"Perhaps you haven't seen me" said the Peacock.
"Actually I have" replied the Fox.
"Well, as I pass, everyone bows down to me."
"Really? I didn't know."
"Well then, what are you waiting for?"
"There's just a small problem, I don't know how to bow"
"Oh, that's odd. You just have to bend like so..."
And when the Peacock bowed, showing the Fox how to do so, in a swift movement he gobbled him up, and for the rest of the day, he felt no hunger.

                                                   Beauty is not always brains, and never bow to who doesn't deserve such
This is my entry for the Fable Me This contest. So glad I made it in time.
I'm sorry if there are some English errors. The preview image is from [link] .
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May 31, 2010
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